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Free Character Posters for You to Download

Nurture amazing grace in your family relationships. Impact your home life with the Character Education on these 49 Free Posters.

Use this home school resource to teach biblical character in your family, Sunday school, children's ministry, Christian school or Bible study. Each letter size poster contains one character quality, an enlightening spiritual definition, supporting scripture from the Holy Bible and the opposing character defect. These are the 49 character qualities used in the “ATI” Advanced Training Institute Home School Curriculum. They're free, simply download the following two Adobe Acrobat files and print them out.

Character Posters Vol. 1 pdf.gif (1156 bytes)(PDF-216kb) - Character Qualities 1 - 25: Alertness, hospitality, generosity, availability, flexibility, joyfulness, thriftiness, resourcefulness, endurance, contentment, attentiveness, sensitivity, punctuality, gratefulness, justice, tolerance, cautiousness, compassion, gentleness, initiative, orderliness, deference, responsibility, loyalty and determination.
Character Posters Vol. 2
pdf.gif (1156 bytes)(PDF-213kb) - Character Qualities 26 - 49: Decisiveness, self-control, wisdom, discretion, enthusiasm, discernment, love, humility, faith, creativity, meekness, security, patience, reverence, dependability, truthfulness, diligence, thoroughness, obedience, boldness, forgiveness, virtue, persuasiveness, sincerity. Below are 4 examples of these 8.5 x 11 inch posters:

Character Quality Examples

I designed these 49 Character Quality Posters so they can be printed out on paper that matches the color of any room, put in sleeve protectors (or laminate) and arranged side to side near the ceiling as a border. In our home when character problems come up with our children we have them pick out the character qualities that would have helped them avoid failure and seek God's help in this area. If they need to tell someone they are sorry we direct them to ask forgiveness for their failure to show the character quality of ___. We also encourage one another by praising specific character qualities we see displayed.

These Character Quality Posters are in Adobe Acrobat “pdf” format. You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader you may download it free from the Adobe web site by clicking Get Acrobat Reader:
Get Acrobat Reader

Character Qualities are used by permission of the Institute In Basic Life Principles. Poster design and layout by Tom Kiser.

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Family Resources - One of the greatest witness's to the grace of God is a Godly Family. The Family Resources section will introduce you to more great materials and other Christian ministries that are promoting practical holy living in the family. These resources and ministries have made a wonderful contribution to our large family. If you have a family we heartily recommend you check them out, they will impact your family also!


This article clearly defines the Character of Pure Christianity. Here is the Christianity the world needs to see today. This article describes God's standard of a “Perfect Christian.” Originally entitled the “Character of a Methodist” by John Wesley, this masterpiece has been updated with today's English.

We hope the materials on our site are helpful to your spiritual growth. We have over 200 pages of practical material to help you and your family experience consistent spiritual growth. To go to the The Go Forth Alliance Site Map Click Here. If you have any questions or suggestions you may E-mail me at: .

Yours for Christ, Tom Kiser



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