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Current Needs

Monthly support has been hovering around or below the ministry operating costs. This means that after we pay ministry expenses there is little or no money left to take care of the Tom Kiser family who give themselves full-time to this ministry! Your monthly support can help insure that the ministry goes forward and the members of its staff are able to take care of basic family needs.

Please Prayerfully Consider supporting this ministry on a monthly basis!


To Support this Ministry

   Send your contributions to:

   Go Forth Alliance
   3729 Lyme Avenue
   Brooklyn NY 11224

Please make check payable to "Go Forth Alliance"

Strategic Goals for The Go Forth Alliance

1. The Spread of Effective Prayer Stand Outreach and Discipleship across America and around the world. We have designed a New Prayer Stand that improves on the old table style prayer station. Our new model makes it easier for more people to get involved reaching their communities through Prayer Stand Evangelism. Pray that God will bring a great harvest of souls as ministries go out in their communites to share the gospel and pray with souls. For more information about our new Prayer Stand see

2. A Discipleship/"Simple Church" Network thru out New York City reaching the lost and discipling them in small group settings that prepare them for future ministry in NYC and their homeland. Over 60% of the heads of NYC households are foreign born. It is our goal to disciple these people from other countries and help many of them go home to start Church Planting Movements in their own countries.

3. Great Commission Software. One of the big problems with public outreach is that often there is no one ready to disciple those who respond. We are working on an internet based follow-up software that ties the evangelist on the street together with church bodies committed to discipling new believers. Because the software is internet based, any ministry in the world with internet access can use this tool to effectively oversee their outreach and discipleship activities and make sure souls never "fall through the cracks."

Pray for the Great Commission Software Project. A wonderful man has offered to help us develop this software and we need you to hold the project up in prayer. The Great Commission Software will help Christian workers around the world with their outreach and discipleship efforts. The software is accessed over the internet (no ministry has to install it on their computer). It will have automatic email capabilities to immediately contact designated ministry workers. It will also enable ministries to monitor all priorities and tasks of ministry workers to insure proper follow up happens and people do not fall thru the cracks. Prayer Requests received at Prayer Stations are automatically emailed to designated Prayer Bands workers. When people repent and trust Christ at the prayer stands designated Discipleship teams are immediately notified through this software to make contact with these new Christian babes. After following up on a soul the laborer logs back into the system and provides updated notes about the persons progress and further assistance needed. Any ministry in the world with Internet Access will be able to use this software and efficiently tie their team together for continual effective outreach and discipleship. Our ministry will be able to monitor this Go Forth Alliance Network and offer support and help to ministry partners. There is great interest in this project and it requires ongoing prayer support.



Strengthen your witness with the resources in our Soul Winning Section.

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Ministry Photo's

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