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Stirring Truths that Transform

Selected by Tom Kiser

The articles below have been of great blessing to me. May the fire of God's heavenly love burn brightly in your soul. Most of the articles below are by John Wesley.

Evaluate Your
Spiritual Condition

The Articles in this section have been carefully selected to help you understand your present spiritual condition. God shows us needs in our life so that we will cry out to Him for deliverance and experience His life changing grace. If we humble ourselves before His almighty love, and in living faith depend on Him, He will lift us up.

Awake Thou That Sleepest - Are you asleep in spiritual darkness? Read to find out!

The Almost Christian - What is the Difference between being "Almost" a Christian and "being a Christian?" Are sincerity and good works enough? What are the biblical marks of being born again?

The Spirit of Bondage and Adoption - Many sincere people live in a condition of Spiritual Bondage. This is better than Spiritual Darkness but God wants us to enjoy His Spirit of Adoption. This article clearly outlines 3 Spiritual Conditions: 1. Natural (Blindness to spiritual things), 2. Legal (Enlightened but not victorious) and 3. Adopted (Born again into the family of God.)

From Faith To Faith - All along the spiritual journey we find the grace of God at work. This article explains the various stages God leads a person through in order to bring him to Himself and transform his life. We go from "faith" to "faith" as we seek God and walk in his light.

The Fruit of Perfect Love - In this short article John Wesley gives us insight into the full fruit of the Spirit found in Believers who are made Perfect in Love. Examine yourself in the light of Wesley's description of Christian Maturity.

Questions For Adult Christians - John Fletcher was one of the most holy men of all time. He provides 19 questions for Mature Believers to use when examining their spiritual depth. May God enrich you spiritually as you consider "the mark of the prize of our high calling."

For Seekers
Lacking Assurance

How To Be Born Again - Provides clear spiritual instruction on what it means to be born again and the steps to experience the gracious salvation of God.

Salvation By Faith - Describes the kind of faith that brings salvation and clearly presents what salvation is.

The Witness of the Spirit - The source of Christian Joy is a clear, verifiable relationship with God. This article describes the clear "witness" or testimony God gives to us that we are His adopted child and the peace that arises from our personal witness of His gracious work in us.

For New Believers

Victory Over Sin - How to "walk in the Spirit and not fulfill the lust of the flesh." Describes the vital "living-breathing" relationship with God that is necessary to overcome all sin. Also identifies the path of grieving the Holy Spirit that makes us vulnerable to sin.

Keep A Clear Conscience - It is not possible to have a vibrant Christian Walk unless you keep your conscience clear. Read here to understand how your conscience works and how to gain and keep it clear.

The Cure of Evil Speaking - One very detrimental sin to any Christian is evil speaking. How often are Christians defiled by repeating the faults and sins of others behind their back. What is the cure? Jesus told us.

Avoid Fanaticism: The Nature of Fanaticism - Satan desires to turn Christians aside from the clear direction of God's word by the lure of seeking inspiration from other sources. But dreams, visions, miracles etc. are nothing without love. This article cuts through the confusion and clearly points to “the more excellent way.”

For Earnest Seekers of Christian Maturity

The Character of Pure Christianity - What is the Standard of Pure Christianity? What are the biblical water marks of Christian Maturity? In 1Thes. 5:23-24 the apostle Paul wrote: “And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” Read here for John Wesley's in-depth description of a Christian who is “Sanctified Wholly.”

The Repentance of Believers - God faithfully shows the person who walks in humble obedience to His will that there are deeper needs in his life. He calls him to take sides against all the areas he is less than pure and depend totally on Christ to sanctify him wholly. This article describes in detail the necessary humbling process that causes the born again believer to take sides against the impurity that yet remains in his heart and life. It also provides inspiration to those seeking deliverance to look with steadfast faith to the blood of Christ that "cleanses from all sin."

Satan's Devices Read here to discover the common tactics Satan uses to discourage and confuse believers who earnestly desire to "go on unto perfection."

How to pursue Christian Maturity John Fletcher details the way to Christian Maturity, a fulness of Holy Love.

A Plain Account of Christian Perfection by John Wesley Here is the entire text of John Wesley's in-depth discussion on Christian Perfection. By perfection Wesley means “the humble, gentle, patient love of God, and our neighbor, ruling our tempers, words, and actions.” Don't be afraid of the scriptural term “perfection,” understand it! This page is rather long and may take a minute to open. You may also download it as an Acrobat PDF File.

For Mature Believers

Advice to Christians who are filled with Holy Love - John Fletcher offers wonderful advice to those who enjoy God's Greatest Grace.



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