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New York City is the Greatest Opportunity for World Evangelism in the United States

By Tom Kiser
Executive Director
The Go Forth Alliance

God has blessed America. The United States is seen by the people of the world as a place of freedom, hope, opportunity and new beginnings. People dream of immigrating to the US more than any other place on Earth. When they do come to our marvelous land their number one destination is New York City. Recent statistics show 500,000 more immigrants arrived in New York in the last 5 years. Nearly 2/3rds of the heads of NYC's households are foreign born. New York City is a Missionary Paradise!

In this "land of the free and home of the brave" we are free to Evangelize these people form every nation and tongue. We can openly witness to them without fear of persecution. On any sidewalk we find ourselves surrounded with immigrants who have come with great hope and expectation that they might experience freedom and begin a new life. They have left the familiar and are willing to make great sacrifices in exchange for a better future. Most of them are bi-lingual, most speak English. These foreigners are not lazy, lukewarm people who are fearful of change and content with the status quo. If they were they would never have left their homeland. When their hearts are aflame with the love of God they become dynamic Christians.

Christian, Christ's Great Commission is before us. God commands us to do all we can to take the message of Jesus Christ into all the world that every person may experience the grace of God. The Apostle Paul traveled widely sharing the gospel. Although he briefly passed thru many towns and villages in his missionary journeys, it was the major cities of influence where he settled in and invested most of his time. Antioch, Ephesus, Corinth, and Rome were the chief cities of Asia Minor, Macedonia, and the Roman Empire. They were the great crossroads of the world. Paul understood their strategic place in world evangelism. He knew the people reached there would carry the Good News across the world.

Now New York is the world's premier city. Here the leaders of the world assemble in the United Nations and from here the major news networks broadcast information that impacts world opinion and policy. NYC is also the mecca of the world's financial powerhouses. Wall Street and it's money affects the world, it's economies and it's peoples like no other place on earth.

2000 years have passed since Paul wisely invested his time lifting up Christ in the major hubs of world influence. The witness of the Apostle Paul reached all the way to Caesar's household. We must serve our present age and fulfill Christ's calling to reach the lost of our generation. Christian, God is calling you and me to be "the light of our great world." Our Generation of Christians must accept the great opportunities at our fingertips. God commands us to shine the light of Christ in the world's darkness "like a city set on a hill."

Spirit Filled Christians who know the transforming power of Jesus Christ must continually lift up Christ to the people of New York. We literally touch the world as we touch these foreigners. They are sending money home to support family and friends across the globe. When they find Jesus Christ as Savior they want the message of salvation to go home to their family and friends. No American foreign missionary can better understand the cultures and needs of the world like these immigrants understand their own people. They already have a network of people in place in their homeland. Get together with other Christians and pray that the Grace of Jesus Christ and the power of God's Holy Spirit will bring sold out Christians together in NYC to advance Christ's Kingdom so we can reach these foreigners on our American Soil. If we will heed the call and commission of God we can disciples these wonderful people and train them to be effective Evangelists and Missionaries.

What are you pouring your life into that has eternal significance? I challenge you to help us by investing your energies, your time, your finances and you life into reaching and discipling people. You and I have only a short time on Earth ... eternity is around the corner ... we must do all we can for the Salvation of the people of the world. May God give us the grace and power of His Spirit to wisely work with Him in the advancement of his Kingdom today! It's not about our own little personal agenda's. It's all about God's agenda: "to seek and to save that which is lost." Lukewarm is not an option... enlist! You were redeemed for such a time as this!

Tom Kiser
Executive Director
Go Forth Alliance

(The Kiser family spent 21 years in NYC and now serve the Go Forth Alliance from Cincinnati Oh.)

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